South County Values

The people of South County are solidly rooted in a set of time-tested values: the value of work, the importance of paying one's bills and living within one's means, trust in one's neighbors, the need to reach out to help those who find themselves in need and caring about life from conception to natural death. These are the values we all share.

Unlike some politicians, Cloria doesn't just mouth these values--she lives them!

A Stronger Future

Cloria will work to ensure a better future for South County by promoting an economy where businesses can grow and jobs can be created. Good schools are a top priority for Cloria. The best way to improve our future is to ensure our children receive a quality education.

Cloria believes that local control is the best path to a quality education--the quality of the Mehlville and Lindbergh School Districts are proof of that!

Cloria also admires the way the Mehlville School District and Superintendent Knost handled their response to the decertification of the Riverview Gardens School District. It was a tough job, to both protect the Mehlville School District and do the right thing by the kids from Riverview Gardens. Cloria will represent the interests and the best qualities of the Mehlville School District.

The State of Missouri made a promise to its teachers when it set up the teacher retirement system. Cloria believes that those promises should be honored.

A Better Government

Government should work for the taxpayer, not the other way around. Unnecessary government rules and regulations stunt the growth of South County jobs, and lead to a worse future, not a better one. If government spent less time making things worse, it would have time and money to help people who truly need it.

One recent bad example is the Department of Family Services. They spent a good sum of money on a new citizen service system that resulted in poor service to Missouri families. Cloria thinks that's a shame. When a family is in trouble, the last thing they need is a cumbersome, ineffective bureaucracy. We should never have to pay for one!

A Smarter Investment

Like most retired couples, Cloria and Frank live on a fixed income. And like most people in South County, they're frustrated with rising taxes and wasteful government spending. Cloria will make sure the State of Missouri spends our tax dollars on things that lead to a better future, like schools and roads, and not in wasteful and frivolous programs.

The citizens of Missouri are not well served by the current Medicaid system. Cloria believes that we should focus on fixing broken systems like Medicaid instead of expanding them.

In the long run, fiscal discipline is good even for needy Missouri families. Other states, like Illinois, have spent without discipline, and now they face huge deficits, dramatic cuts in services, and rapidly rising taxes.